Gluten Free
Zero Sugar


Strawberry and Banana Smoothies

Available in 90g packaging.

For those who maintain a balanced diet looking for nutritious foods that may be present in their day, Jasmine smoothies are excellent alternatives to be part of their meals. They are formulated with fruits only, without the addition of preservatives or artificial colors. In addition, there is a functional touch with the presence of an ingredient – the chia seed, present in one of its flavors, which adds fiber, omega 3 and gives that consistency that every smoothie has. It has no contraindications and allergenic ingredients, it can be consumed by all ages – for children and the elderly, it is safe to consume this product due to its more creamy consistency, which avoids choking for those who have difficulty swallowing. For adults in general, it can be used as an intermediate snack, in addition, athletes can consume before or during physical activity, for its practical use and for being an energy source.

Ingredients: strawberry pulp, banana and vitamin C (ascorbic acid).


  • Your portion of fruit *
  • No added sugar **
  • Pure fruit
  • Source of vitamin C
  • No preservatives
  • Practical packaging that maintains the properties of the fruit

*One of the three recommended daily servings
** Contains sugars specific to the ingredients./ This is not a low-energy food.


Be part of this movement for conscious eating!

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